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Folic Acid Awareness Week 2015: Want Awareness? Here You Go

Optimizing the health of unborn children is my passion. I am pleased to state that January is named National Birth Defects Prevention Month by the National Birth Defects Prevention Network and the CDC. This month is broken down into four parts with each part focusing on a key component of birth defect prevention. While I […]

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Methylation Inhibited by Candida’s Toxin

Repairing the digestive system and optimizing the flora should be one of the first steps in correcting methylation deficiency. There are countless reasons for this; however, the focus here is the relation between methionine synthase and acetylaldehyde. One must first understand what methionine synthase is and why it is important. Methionine synthase: What is it? […]

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Elevated Homocysteine Level or Laboratory Error?

Having MTHFR mutations increases the likelihood of elevated homocysteine levels. Monitoring your homocysteine level is critical especially if elevated. The issue is homocysteine testing is fraught with issues. Properly prepare yourself to get your homocysteine level measured. Ensure the lab handles your blood sample properly. Do you actually have high homocysteine? High homocysteine is a […]

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Dr Lynch Family: Myriad of MTHFR Mutations

How is that the path we take in life is somehow absolutely appropriate and fitting for us? Becoming a naturopathic physician with a specialty in environmental medicine and nutrigenomics, I am stunned at how critical this path was for me – and for my family. If I had not chosen this path, two of my […]

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Comparison of Homocysteine Support Products

Many are asking me, “Dr Ben, I am taking this ________. Is that any good for C677T or A1298C or…?” I am finding that I am answering, “No” too often. I have here all the top homocysteine-lowering medications which are prescribed commonly by doctors. Keep in mind that many doctors do not understand nutritional biochemistry. […]

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