Dr Lynch Family: Myriad of MTHFR Mutations

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Listen to Dr Lynch discuss his recent findings of how his entire family has MTHFR mutations – and some severe forms.

How is that the path we take in life is somehow absolutely appropriate and fitting for us?

Becoming a naturopathic physician with a specialty in environmental medicine and nutrigenomics, I am stunned at how critical this path was for me – and for my family.
If I had not chosen this path, two of my boys would most likely be quite autistic, my wife would be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and my health would have been severely compromised.

As one who has spent a lot of time with MTHFR research and working with countless clients with MTHFR, I can safely say I am quite well-versed in MTHFR mutations.

I was waiting until my new comprehensive genetic test was nearly completed before I tested myself and my family for MTHFR.




As I nervously opened the PDF documents for each member of my family, I was blown away. (I am glad I was on vacation when I opened these documents.)

  • Theodor Lynch, Male, Age 3: Homozygous A1298C
  • Mathew Lynch, Male, Age 6: Heterozygous A1298C + Heterozygous C677T
  • Tasman Lynch, Male, Age 9, Heterozygous A1298C
  • Nadia Lynch, Female, Age 35, Heterozygous A1298C
  • Benjamin Lynch, Male, Age 38, Heterozygous A1298C + Heterozygous C677T

My mindset totally shifted from simply being a father to suddenly being my childrens’ guide and physician. Without my assistance, their future is grim.

“Oh, shit.”

Yes. Those were the exact words when I saw Theodor’s and Mathew’s test results.

A million concerns ran through my head wondering what I should do.

Then, I realized something.

“I’m already doing something for them – many ‘somethings’.”

  1. Gluten Free Diet
  2. Dairy Free Diet
  3. Probiotics
  4. Sauna for whole family at least 20 times a year
  5. Filtered water
  6. No carpets in the house
  7. Air purification
  8. Organic food
  9. Very limited processed foods
  10. No artificial soaps, odors, perfumes
  11. No cleaning solutions – just natural soaps, vinegar
  12. Limited pressboard in our home
  13. Organic bedding and mattresses
  14. Multivitamin with methylfolate, pure fish oil, CoQ10, Cal/Mag, vitamin D3
  15. Limited sugar intake
  16. No soda
  17. Highly active in sports and outdoors for all of us
  18. Studying piano
  19. Speaking and learning Russian

All of these are critical to treating MTHFR mutations.

Many doctors typically tell their patients with newly diagnosed MTHFR mutations:

  • “Take 5 mg of folic acid a day and you’ll be fine.”
  • “MTHFR is nothing to worry about.”
  • “Take 1 x 15 mg Deplin daily and you’ll be great.”
  • “Take NeevoDHA while pregnant along with Lovenox and all will be great.”

All of these recommendations are wrong – in my opinion.

If you are not doing 1 through 16 above, then you are not fully addressing your MTHFR mutation.

Let me give you some more background: 

Both Mathew and Theo were slow to speak yet are quite healthy overall.

Mathew’s speech is now fantastic yet he has an accent – I believe this comes from his mother’s thick Russian accent. She was his one and only person to interact with – well – besides his older brother.  I was not around in his younger years (medical school is extremely demanding for 5 years). Then add on the fact that Mathew was not in an English speaking daycare/preschool until later.

Slow speech can be attributed to a few things in Mathew’s and Theo’s life:

  1. We’re a bilingual family: Russian and English
  2. Summers spent in Russia during critical language development (no English spoken).
  3. MTHFR, PEMT and GAMT mutations
  4. Me having been in medical school and not around much to interact with my children.
  5. Not starting an English preschool or interaction with many other English speaking children until later – age 5 for Mathew. Theodor is in Russian preschool now.

I smiled when I saw my wife’s MTHFR results.

I test her for everything and she nearly always comes back squeaky clean yet she suffered terribly with Rheumatoid Arthritis from the young age of 17 until 31.

She now is literally ‘normal’ and living life without rheumatoid arthritis.


Lifestyle, diet and supplements.

Medications? NONE.

“Is that right?”

These were the words I internally said to myself as I stared at the lab report for Benjamin Lynch.

1 copy of A1298C and 1 copy of C677T

I was amazingly calm but confused.

How come I am not showing more symptoms?

I used to – in a big way.

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chemically sensitive
  • Skin rashes
  • Always low WBC levels

I now follow points 1 to 17 on the above list and have been for years. This is why I show no symptoms.

In a nutshell:

MTHFR mutations do not control you. You control them.

I, and my family, are living proof that you can beat MTHFR mutations through proper lifestyle, diet and supplementation – and mindset.

How much methylfolate are we all taking?

None of us are taking more than 400 mcg a day currently.

MTHFR is not about methylfolate.

MTHFR mutations demand a healthy lifestyle and some methylfolate.

I’m sorry.

There is no pill for MTHFR.

There is no surgery for MTHFR.

What there is for MTHFR is work and awareness.

If you respect what you put into your body and what is around it, you’ll lead a healthy life.

Now – it is not always this easy.

Why not?

Because there are other potential mutations which increase the severity of the MTHFR mutation.


Main point I want to leave you with though is you control your genetics.

They do not control you.

See Theo celebrate!!

He doesn’t care he has the MTHFR A1298C homozygous variant!!! :)




41 Responses to “Dr Lynch Family: Myriad of MTHFR Mutations”

  1. Thomas' mom February 7, 2012 at 7:22 pm # Reply

    Wow! So you are living out the saying “physician, heal thyself (and family)”. I hope it continues to go well for you. As my son spent the 1st year of his life in a Russian DyedestkI Dom, I enjoy reading about your Russian connection.
    I find the frequency of positive test results for MTHFR very interesting. I wonder what percentage of those tested actually have negative results for all forms?

  2. Lisa February 12, 2012 at 8:01 pm # Reply

    Dr. Lynch, thank you for all this information.

    I’ve recently learned of my MTHFR status; 1 copy of each, C677 and 1298. I have yet to test my kids. I’ve also done the Genovations test and found I have COMT which I realize compounds the issues.

    In reading your website this all explains SO much of my health history. I agree with your statement regarding our life path being so perfect for what we need. I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for many years and very passionate about food and alternative health. My kids were born at home, not vaccinated, neither has ever had antibiotics, eat organic, grass fed, gluten free, experiment with raw dairy, etc. etc. We have been eating only GAPS legal foods for over a year, more recently adding in sweet potatoes.

    My kids are healthy but with multiple food intolerances. I’ve learned so much about this over the years I feel like I’ve become an expert in the area……which really means I’m so totally confused because there are so many options for ‘healing’…….leaky gut, etc.

    I’ve done Organix Acids thru metametrix on myself and my 6 year old, a few times over the years and always saw issues in the metylation pathways, specifically with the b vitamins. I always wondered how this could be because I was taking B’s! Well, now I know!

    My 6 year old was just diagnosed with a mild tongue tie, which my younger broth and nephew both have.

    I could go on and on with my health history and how this makes it all make sense now.

    SO, I want to help my kids. Thankfully I’m already doing so many of the things you have listed above. I would like to eventually do a consultation for myself and children but want to have all the best information before we do. Should we do more Organic Acid testing or the ION panel, or just your new genetic test when it comes out? Would would help the best?

    I also have a question. I believe I read on Amy Yaskos site that just because you have a gene defect, does not mean the gene is down regulated. It could be up regulated or just mal functioning? Or maybe I understood that wrong?

    I haven’t dove into supplements to much yet because I think I need to get more answers. My kids do cod liver oil and I’ve recently started P5P and methyl folate, but no b12, with my 6 year old and I. I don’t have any testing or knowledge on my 2 1/2 year old.

    Anyway, thank you for this work. Let me know what you think would be the best way to proceed for getting info and then consultation. And could I do a consult for my family all at once?


  3. jada February 18, 2012 at 3:54 am # Reply

    Great article! YOur children are lucky to have you.

    Can you recommend and post what air purification you use?
    Do you use an infared sauna?


    • Dr Ben February 20, 2012 at 3:20 am # Reply

      Hi Jada –

      Lucky to have a father who is compound heterozygous MTHFR?! :)

      I use the Alen Air Purifiers.

      I have 4 different Air Purifiers – depending on location, purpose and square footage.
      – Alen A375UV: Living Room – on all the time
      – Alen A375UV: Mathew’s Room – most sensitive to impure air – on randomly
      – Alen T300: my office – used to be on all the time – now at times – I leave the windows open typically as I have pure air outside here.
      – Alen A350: our bedroom

      If you are looking for large square foot coverage, elimination of odors and chemicals, then I recommend the Alen A375UV purifier.

      I recommend these over the IQAir purifiers due to huge cost savings for basically no loss in performance.

      Filter replacement and maintenance is also very easy.

      Water Purifiers:
      – I use two:
      1) Premium 10 Stage Countertop Water Filter:
      – excellent to take with us on road trips or overseas trips. Just take a wrench with you along with some other adapters and you all get clean water for pennies per gallon compared to dirty bottled water at dollars per liter.
      – also can use at home – great water filter

      2) Akai Ionizer Plus.
      – this is a higher-end water purifier that also lowers the pH of the water and reduces the water clusters into smaller ones making the water penetrate membranes better (so they say).
      – I cannot vouch for that scientifically but I can say when I first started using it, I drank water non-stop. I couldn’t stop drinking it and neither could my wife. We did this for the first month of having it.
      – I’ve used this one in our home for 12 years now.
      – If you say you were referred by Dr Ben Lynch, you save $300 off the price. I don’t know what it is listed at anymore – been too long. (Disclosure: I do receive a small kick-back for recommending it; however, I would not recommend anything if I didn’t trust it and/or use it personally)

      For the sauna, I use an infrared sauna also from High Tech Health.
      They have a new one out but I don’t recommend it over the original Thermal Life saunas.

      I use, and my neighbors also enjoy it ;), the 3 person Thermal Life Far Infrared Sauna by High Tech Health.
      I use this one as it is pure and doesn’t use any bad materials.
      – If you mention you were referred by Dr Ben Lynch, you will save $500 off any sauna (same disclosure).

      I am glad you are looking to reduce exposures.

      This is much more effective than detoxing. Preventing the toxin exposure in the first place is an absolute must.

      I want to share with you two other things:
      1) Shower Chlorine Filter: install this and have another one to take with you on trips to hotels (wrench applies also :) )

      2) Get some basic vitamin C powder and add about 1 tablespoon to a bath. This removes the chlorine. Add more if needed!

  4. Kim March 9, 2012 at 2:04 pm # Reply

    I enjoy a steam room much more than a sauna how do you feel that they differ and is a steam room ok instead of sauna?

    thank you


    • Dr Ben March 9, 2012 at 6:44 pm # Reply

      Kim –

      A steam room does not heat deeply into the tissues so it is not nearly as good as a sauna between the temperatures of 120 degrees F and 130 degrees F. The goal is to allow your body to heat as deeply as possible which mobilizes toxins from the adipose tissue and into the blood stream where then your liver/kidney can process them.

      • Kim March 16, 2012 at 6:17 pm # Reply

        Dr. Ben,

        Thank you for your reply that helps me to understand the difference. I honestly could not find anything online for that questions.


  5. k.w. April 4, 2012 at 3:31 pm # Reply

    Great article! How do you test for COMT?

  6. Stephanie October 5, 2012 at 2:02 am # Reply

    Dr.Lynch, I have been ill on an off for many years…told I had Lupus, no, connective tissue disease, no fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, now atypical migraines….the list just goes on and on. I recently discovered I tested positive heterozygous for c677t and a1298c. I was prescribed 325 mg per day and 1 mg Folic Acid…by the way I am a RN. I have been doing a lot of reading and I am no longer taking folic acid. I take, 7 mg methylfolate, B12 IM 1 cc weekly and some other supplements (pretty much everything Methyl Guard contains)…drinking filtered water, eating as clean as possible….very little processed food, etc but I have a couple of questions….

    1. I went to try out a infrared sauna this week…I didnt sweat a drop despite the fact it was 140 degrees….that seems very weird to me. How can I detox if I don’t sweat? do you know anything about the ionic foot detox system? I went to a spa and had this done. It looked legit but I wondering what you thought.

    2. Can you recommend a company that test for all known gene mutations that effect the body in similar ways as c677t and a1298c? I want to be sure to identify all the areas that may be affecting my health.

    • Ann Wadley November 30, 2013 at 2:33 pm # Reply

      I am curious to know the response to the questions from the woman above. I have a very similar history and I also cannot sweat. This is very new information to me and very interesting. AW

    • Belinda December 12, 2014 at 12:26 pm # Reply

      23andme do a simple salive snp test then mthfr.net can interprit the raw data
      I didn’t sweat either for ages then my health started improving eating gf df no preservatives. Many supplements seeking heath kids multi I’m high in copper so that one is best for me . My mutations are to may I don’t have enough fingers or toes but it’s all interlinked environment as clean as u can no smellys no chemicals. Then it all started getting better pain reduced considerably sometimes non excistant. Yay. Moods better energy great sleep better but not 100% which was always my driving force.
      It’s a lot of googling and reading Ben’s and yoskos work . And slow and steady takes a while took a good 31 years to get me in this mess bad bugs going crazy in my tummy causing server leaky gut it’s a huge new world but there is light good luck :)

  7. Maria November 11, 2012 at 2:05 pm # Reply

    Hello Dr. Lynch,
    I have a 4 yo girl who is overloaded with heavy metals, yeast, dx of autism . She has double copy of the A1298C. She is on GFCF / gaps diet ( no grains, sugar, and everything she eats is organic), lots of probioitcs, we have a water filter that alkalines the water, she is currently on most of the supplements you mentioned ( calcium, magnessium citrate, vit. D3, fermented cod liver oil, grass fed butter oil, here are my questions:

    1- She is currently taking leucovorin calcium 5 mg 2x/day. Is this something you would recommend for a 4 yo ( with a 45 lb wt) Qand is it enough?

    2- the shower water filtration that you mentioned, is possible for you to share the brand that you use? There is so many brands on the market and need one that is reliable.

    3- which brand mvi would you consider excellent?
    Thank you so much for everything you have done,

    • Dr Ben November 13, 2012 at 11:06 pm # Reply

      Maria –

      1) That seems like a lot but if her moods are stable and she appears alert, happy – that could be useful.

      2) I use New Wave Enviro Products Shower Purifier from Healthy Goods.

      3) I consider Seeking Health multivitamins to be excellent :) but I am a bit biased as that is my own line of supplements. I use them on my kids (when they’re misbehaving – jk) ;)

      We have adult multivitamins, children’s multivitamins and a chewable multivitamin which can be used by both kids and adults. I am working on a prenatal but have yet had sufficient time to finish the formula.

      I also find multivitamins by Pure Encapsulations, Xymogen and Designs for Health to be pretty good. Your support of Seeking Health is appreciated should you choose it!

  8. Katie March 8, 2013 at 5:10 pm # Reply

    Just recently stumbled upon this website, but have not gotten to go through much of it yet.

    I am homozygous a1298c, and learning a lot from this site.

    I just wanted to say what a great website you got going on here, the podcasts are great as well! Thank you!

  9. Jennifer Thomas January 10, 2014 at 9:30 pm # Reply

    Dear Dr. Lynch,
    Thank you so much for this article, it brings peace to see a plan that is not so overwhelming!! My 19 year old daughter’s health problems led us to test for Mthfr, and it turns out that she, her twin, and her 3 year old sister are Homozygous 677t, and me and her 5 year old sister are Heterozygous 1298c-Heterzygous 677t. My daughter who has been having the health problems has been doing the gaps diet, and we have been learning a lot and plan to implement 1-16 on your list, my question is..would the multivitamins you recommended be a good place to start as far as a supplement for the mthfr for the little girls (5, and 3)? I plan on a slow plan of action, getting their gut health in order, and cleaning up their environment and diet, when should I start them on the vitamins you recommend? Their father has recently been tested for mthfr by the VA, and I am very curious to see his results, desert storm veteran, 100 percent disabled, migraines, nerve damage, narcolepsy, psoriasis etc…Thank you so much for your time, and your research! Our family will never be the same!! and that’s a good thing!!
    Jennifer Thomas

  10. judith fenton January 13, 2014 at 9:45 pm # Reply

    I am 74 years old and just on a lark I had some genetic testing done only because it was part of a comprehensive assay my doctor had me do. He rarely tests for too much, but once in awhile he finds a “new Toy” , I got back the results of the MTHFR c677t and found I had T/T high risk.=, but the A1298C was normal. I never had a mis-carriage and seem to be in excellent health except for worrying about my health. So I got into the internet and went nuts. I found I could get every malady known to man. I really had to get a grip because I have tinnitus that gets worse when I get stressed. I started getting so upset as I spent hours reading scientific data I couldn’t understand except that this snp makes one susceptible to blood cancers, cardio vascular disease, psychiatric disorders and on and on. One genetic test for alzheimers came back that I had inherited a gene from each parent protects me from that disease. I do take care of myself and do a lot of what you recommend anyway as it makes sense. I am neurotic so maybe that is caused by the snp. I come from a long line of women who live well into their 90’s. My mother included who was never sick a day and always felt good. So where does all this come from? Once I read that you don’t have to be ruled by your genes I felt better. I now am trying to keep calm and live another 20 years ingood health!! JUDY

  11. Naomi January 30, 2014 at 7:14 pm # Reply

    Hi Dr. Lynch –
    I am currently awaiting the results of a 23andMe test on myself, but due to my medical history and that of my family, I strongly believe that not only do I have an active mutation, but that my 3 year old son does too. I would like to begin supplementing immediately and really like your children’s chewable multivitamin formulation (on the Seeking Health site), but am concerned as it is only recommended for 4 years and older. I’ve checked the RDAs for toddlers his age, but there aren’t a lot of resources out there and there doesn’t seem to be consensus amongst them. My little man is barely in the 5th percentile for his age in terms of weight and is closer to 3 than 4, so I’m wondering if it would be safe to give him a half dose of the Seeking Health children’s multivitamin?

  12. Dr Serene Lim March 6, 2014 at 8:40 am # Reply

    Thanks so much for your research Ben. This is so exciting. Explaining to my patients was so time consuming and their eyes would glaze over when I mentioned biochemistry or genes that I did a simplified youtube. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kop2c_89mc0

    The second video ( released soon) mentions your great conferences.

    • Dr Lynch March 6, 2014 at 9:13 pm # Reply

      Serene – well done ;)

      Awesome that you made it simple. That’s key.

      And thank you much for mentioning my conferences – much appreciated.

  13. Laura May 21, 2014 at 11:58 pm # Reply

    Dr Ben,

    I’ve been on your site constantly for several weeks since doing the 23andme test. I have noticed in several places you mention that other mutations can make things more difficult. I have the COMT, CBS, BHMT, NOS, and several others in heterozygous form, as well as heterozygous A1298. Do you have recommendations for people like myself? I’d like to follow your general protocol but a few comments you have made make me think maybe it won’t go as well for me since I have other mutations. Thanks for any advice.

  14. Michelle August 12, 2014 at 9:22 am # Reply

    It is interesting your son, Tasman, does not have the A1298C mutation. So it is possible to “escape” mutation? Perhaps my son is not mutated when my husband and I are?

  15. Melanie December 12, 2014 at 2:53 am # Reply

    Several of the things you mentioned seem expensive. I realize all go these things would be wonderful; however, besides eating a clean organic diet what would be the other critical changes would you suggest?
    We are not financially able to make all of these changes at once. Thank you.

  16. Cheri December 12, 2014 at 5:10 am # Reply

    Very helpful article. Some of the things on the list seem very reasonable, however some are not an option at this time. We are putting wood floors in our children’s rooms but other areas of the house have carpet but a large portion has existing wood and tile. I guess constant airfilters may help?? I have several now that run non stop but they are not the ones you recommend, so I will invest in the things that you mentioned for air purification, but what kind of permanenet water filter system do you recommend? I am also going to look for chlorine filters for the showers.

    • Dr Lynch December 12, 2014 at 6:18 am # Reply

      Hi Cheri –

      I recommend Berkey water purifiers. They are not ‘permanent’ but they are the best I’ve found so far – and to me, it doesn’t matter if they sit on my counter because they are the best. If I or someone informs me of a better one, I’ll switch.

      • Cheri December 12, 2014 at 6:40 am # Reply

        Thank you Dr Lynch- I will look for the Berkey water filer! What else can I do to help my children and myself- we all suffer with major health issues. I feel guilty I cannot remove all carpeting but at least it won’t be in their rooms, should I get an air filter for each room?? Also, what kind of filters would you recommend for the whole house air conditioning filter system? We also have a pool that is salt and chlorine, going to see how to just use the salt system.

        Thank you

    • Dr Lynch December 12, 2014 at 6:19 am # Reply

      Cheri –

      One more thing – not sure if you’ve read this article yet on how to reduce toxic exposures (I’ve now included the link to this article in the one above).

      • Cheri December 12, 2014 at 6:58 am # Reply

        Thank you – I will look at the article. I has a question about D-Ribose, can anyone take it?? My daughter and I are homo c677 and my son is Hetero ?? He also has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and we suffer from bizzare neuro muscle issues, pain, muscle fatigue without any exertion. Just want to make sure this is safe for all forms of mthfr.

        PS- wish we could get a consult- we are a bizzare medical mystery family!!!


  17. Melanie December 13, 2014 at 7:20 pm # Reply

    Hello I recently found out I am fro hetero c677t. I have been seeing a natural path doctor to treat the gut. However, I am losing TONS of hair and low in 5 amino acids and high in one. Not absorbing nutrients. Very low weight and cant put any on. Just curious what were thoughts were. Also, what do you recommend me taking for daily protocol.

  18. Jane February 11, 2015 at 10:15 am # Reply

    Hi Ben, beautiful kids and I absolutely love your work and ethic. I am in Oz, very unwell, as in bedridden for best part of last 3 years unwell, married with two divine children. I’m being tested, finally, by a GP who specialises in tricky cases like mine and who is educated on genetic influences such as MTHFR. I am actually hoping for the double whammy faulty genes as that would at least give me something to work with.

    As for your list of low-tox living tips – I don’t disagree with any but for some people at the beginning of their diagnosis, it would be overwhelming and expensive.

    When my first baby was born, my fatigue began, and I began to phase out additives in our food, focussing on preservatives and colours, all our personal products were switched to natural, and I became pretty obsessed with that dirty word “toxin” and ultimately made my and my family’s life miserable by being ever alert and getting stressed in situations I couldn’t control – food served at other people’s houses, clothes made in China, car fumes from the roads, cakes at school fetes that were not gluten free, explaining to people that “no, we are not celiac, we are health conscious”, Nan’s perfume, Poppy’s cigarette smoke…I stressed and worried and made my own health worse. We spent thousands on organic bedding and mattresses – money we didn’t have. We were gluten free and dairy free, until recently when I made the decision that milk made from rice grown in Asian soils and then put in a Tetra pack can’t be good so we now drink organic Jersey milk in glass bottles, we eat organic khorasan bread, and buy organic vegetables because I’m too sick to grow them….and we do the best we can but there is a point for me, and I’m guessing others, when you have to let go and accept that the stress of avoiding all these things can sometimes outweigh the good you are trying to achieve. And yes, I would love to be able to buy a $8,000 infrared sauna, I’d love to be able to buy my own home and choose low toxic flooring and paint, I’d love to be able to live on a property away and breathe in fresh air and grow produce, but I can’t and many cant do these things “easily”.


    • Dr Lynch February 11, 2015 at 1:33 pm # Reply

      Jane –

      I hear you – loud and clear.

      It can be expensive – and is.

      It is also demanding and stressful when worrying about the transition.

      What I have done was reduce those things which were most harmful to me, no financial cost and easiest to transition.

      Also it is key to do it over time – not all at once.

      Keep in mind that in order to do this successfully requires a lifetime of continuous small changes – bit by bit. This is more lasting and way less stressful.

      If I demand my kids to eliminate everything and purge their room, fridge, cabinets, friend’s houses, vacation places, etc – the stress would far outweigh the benefit.

      Start with the simple things and look for easy alternatives.

      They are out there.

      I am also looking to help you and others find the simple things.

      I definitely don’t recommend spending a ton of money on something if the benefit is not immediate and highly noticeable.

      This is a very common issue and one that needs to be addressed. There must be some great books out there on it – and internet resources.

  19. Jane February 11, 2015 at 9:31 pm # Reply

    My children are now 9 and 7 and I am more relaxed than when they were younger. I consider myself a self-educated (thanks google) expert on natural living but I don’t follow it 100% and not do I wan to because that makes me anal and difficult to live with. I would say the easiest and non-costly changes are avoiding the numbers in food and using natural personal products, then save for a water filter. Things may me cheaper and more readily available in the US. I never knew vit c in the bath water eliminates chlorine! That’s awesome. :)

    Thanks for replying :)

  20. Jane February 24, 2015 at 7:04 am # Reply

    Hi Ben – as it turns out, I am negative for both MTHFR mutations, which came as a huge surprise to me yesterday – perhaps that is hard to understand but I was hoping for at least a partial explanation for my condition.

    I still have the issue of High RBC folate – I take no supps, eat very little greens and do not eat any fortified food.

    I would be grateful if you could offer a possible reason for high RBC folate levels, when one does NOT have MTHFR mutations?

    It seems all the focus is on MTHFR.

    Kind regards


  21. Claire February 25, 2015 at 7:42 am # Reply

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Lynch…so great to see!!

    My two boys are hetero A1298C. I’ve known about my compound hetero mutations for 13 years now. Have 9 autoimmune diseases in my large extended family. My two boys and I have been doing 12 items on your list for years now.

    My son 16, just tested positive ANA blood test. Ankles and feet became inflamed and swollen for 3 weeks; hospital 3 days. Thought it was cellulitis and was given antibiotics to treat. Long story short, now on Advil (7 days) for possible RA. It’s been 20 days since it began and one ankle still needs to return to normal.

    He’s been off gluten, rice and sugar (gut yeast) for a year, but not off of dairy because no sensitivity was detected. The only dairy he eats is sometimes cheese and butter (organic). In your mind, should he just go off dairy even though nothing shows up on any testing? Is Ghee okay? Any other ideas would be very much appreciated.

    What do you think of ionic foot baths? They are cheaper than the Infrared Sauna.
    Would this help Tourettes as well… (my younger son has).

    Thank you for helping all of us!

  22. CJ February 26, 2015 at 7:51 pm # Reply

    Thank you, Dr. Lynch — Re: saunas
    Would you please expand on what it is about Thermal Life’s newer model that that you are still preferring their original model? At some point the older line may no longer be available so we are trying to keep an up to date list of the things we should be sure to check on when comparing and trying to make the best decision.
    Thanks for your feedback!

    • Dr Lynch March 1, 2015 at 7:34 am # Reply

      Hi CJ –

      I cannot keep up with companies – I have the High Tech Health sauna – bought it about 6 yrs ago or so.

      Things to check:
      – solvents used – ideally none
      – type of wood – should be low VOC’s
      – no insulation
      – no glue or if there is non-toxic simple wood glue
      – vent
      – no stain / paints
      – no pesticides/herbicides

      • cj March 2, 2015 at 8:10 am # Reply

        Thank you!! :-)

  23. Allison March 21, 2015 at 1:06 am # Reply

    Hello! I don’t even know where to start so I’ll just get to the point. My son is 3 years old and has been diagnosed as a child who has extremely high functioning autism. I am and always will be a mother who is on a mission to help him improve and never set a limit on him just because of a diagnosis. In my research I came across the MTHFR gene mutation and had him tested that same week. He tested positive for Heterozygous C677t. I then had his folate and b12 levels checked which came back normal. My husband nor I have been tested to see which one of us is also a carrier ( my money is on him

    • Dr Lynch March 21, 2015 at 4:23 am # Reply

      Hi Allison –

      You’re right – it’s just a label for a myriad of symptoms. That’s all autism is.

      This conference recording may help you or at least your doctor. There are key things in here which may help you initially:

      There are also doctors in the Physician Directory located on the same site as above.

      You will learn in the presentation that folate and B12 levels in blood tests are not that useful.

      It is better to look at:
      Methylmalonic acid
      SAM:SAH ratios

  24. Allison March 21, 2015 at 3:46 pm # Reply

    Dr. Lynch thank you so much for the response. I will listen to the podcast as well as send it to my doctor.
    However, I don’t think the rest of my question was uploaded. I was really curious about trying to conceive. Is there ways to help lower our chances of passing the MTHFR gene mutation to future children? I take a prenatal every morning but if folic acid is part of the problem then should I be taking something else? My husband and I have no been tested yet so at this point we do not know which of us or if both of us is a carrier yet.

    Thank you again for the response!

  25. Ashley March 22, 2015 at 12:54 am # Reply

    Hi Dr. Lynch!

    Thanks for your amazing site. I’m homo c677t and your protocol and Seeking Health supplements have helped me tremendously. In just two months I lowered my homocysteine from 11.9 to 6.9!

    I recently discovered both my 20-month son and my husband are compound hetero like you and your son. I searched for a protocol on your site but didn’t see one. Any advice? Do I just treat the c677t or do I need to add supplements for the a1298c?

    Also any recommendations for toddler-friendly supplements? Drops or chewables? Would I need to dose him less than an adult for mfolate and B12?

    I do realize other snps play a role in how you treat all of this so I’ll be sure to take a look at the bigger picture before we start supplementing.

    Thank you,

  26. Haley March 26, 2015 at 3:16 am # Reply

    Hi Dr. Lynch and anyone else who is reading this….
    I am compound hetero MTHFR and have had 3 miscarriages the last one I miscarried twins at 6 weeks. I can’t seem to get any help on how to keep a healthy pregnancy. I think I might be pregnant again but have to wait to take a pregnancy test. Can anyone please give me any advise? What are some good vitamins I need or supplements? I’m thinking about ordering the optimal prenatal but I don’t know what else I would need in order to keeps a healthy pregnancy full term. Please help me with this we really want a baby and haven’t seemed to have any luck with it.

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